Journal of the Law Society at the Imperial St. Petersburg University. G. 28 1898, book. 6, June

      Legal Society (St. Petersburg).
Journal of the Law Society at the Imperial St. Petersburg University. - St. Petersburg: Typography of the Governing Senate, 1894-1898. -
Titles: 1871-1872 Journal of Civil and Commercial Law; 1873-1894 kn. 1 Journal of Civil and Criminal Law; 1899-1906 Journal of Law .
1. Legal Society (St. Petersburg, city) - Periodicals. 2. Power (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Law - Periodicals. 5. Juridical journals - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries.
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G. 28 1898, book. 6, June. - 1898. - II, XCV-CXXII, 154, 112, 14, 8 with. -
Contents: Legislation and orders of the government. On the production of civil cases before the hearing in the court session / N. Tsukhanov. The lawsuit on recognition of the existence of legal relations and its limits / N. Poletayev. "Philosophy of Law" or political philosophy / V. Katkov. Chronicle of the Russian legislation. State and Administrative Law (first half of 1897). Zemsky review: IX. Land management in zemsky and non-zemstvo provinces. Will the order established by Art. 846-852 ver. angle. court., to cases of private prosecution / K. Dvorzhitsky. On the difficulties in applying the law of 2 June 1897 on minors / N. Kobtsev. Recovery of losses from defective counterparties in respect of obligations of individuals with treasury / M. Durasov. More on the "Gazette of certificates of criminal records" / K. Dvorzhitsky. Changes in the system of teaching law in German universities / BR The twenty-fifth anniversary of the academic activity of Professor A. Holmsten / IMB. Concerning the translation of the civil code of the German Empire / N. Poletaev, [and others]. - Bibliography in footnotes .
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