Journalist: a profession or vocation? X Media Forum of the North-West

Journalist: a profession or vocation? X Media Forum of the North-West: Sezam 2012, 18-19 October 2012, St. Petersburg: [video] / VGTRK / GTRK "St. Petersburg"; the author of the script: Tatiana Grigorchenkova; director: Elena Yarmukhametova; operators: Evgeny Smirnov, Dmitry Kovnatsky, Alexander Gusarov; installation: Sergey Stepanov; sound engineer: Vyacheslav Konovalov; producer: Natalya Gulyaevskaya; editor: Irina Kholmova. - Electron. Dan. (1 video file: 236.6 MB). - St. Petersburg: State TV and Radio Company "Saint Petersburg", 2012. -
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October 18-19, 2012 The Tenth Media Forum of the North-West was held in the Presidential Library. Over 300 heads of federal and regional media, representatives of the administrations of the subjects of the Federation, the Public Chamber of Russia, rectors of universities and students gathered at the grand opening. The plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation Nikolay Vinnichenko and the vice-governor of St. Petersburg Vasily Kichedzhi addressed the participants of the forum with greeting. As part of the opening of the forum, a historic agreement was announced between the Association of the Media of the Northwest and the Presidential Library. Within the framework of the signed agreement, the project "Mass Media of the North-West: Digitization 20.12" began. The forum lasted two days. During this time round tables, meetings, discussions, presentations took place at the library's sites. The participants considered topical issues of training qualified personnel, the themes of forming a networked society and interaction of social networks with media in the coverage of emergency situations, discussed the problems of the language of modern journalism .
I. Yarmukhametova, Elena. II. Grigorchenkova, Tatyana. III. Smirnov, Eugene. IV. Kovnatsky, Dmitry. V. Gusarov, Alexander. VI. Stepanov, Sergei. VII. Konovalov, Vyacheslav. VIII. Gulyaevskaya, Natalia. IX. Kholmova, Irina. X. Forum of mass media of the North-West (10, St. Petersburg, 2012). XI. "St. Petersburg", the state television and broadcasting company. XII. All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. 1. Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg, city) - Events - 2012 - Multimedia publications. 2. Forum of mass media of the North-West (10, St. Petersburg, city, 2012) - Multimedia publications. 3. Journalism - History - USSR - 2nd floor. 1980s - Multimedia publications. 4. Journalism - History - Russian Federation - Multimedia publications.
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