Know the Russian!

Know the Russian !. - Moscow: In the University Press, 1813. - 16 p. ; 8 ° (21 cm). -
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Cens .: IA Dvigubsky, June 20, 1813
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Collection of anonymous poems: Acrostic for the new year 1813. Council of the French to the French, folk song. The French eagle for this autumn (1812). The inscription is crowned with an iron crown. Thoughts of the Ukrainian resident about the invasion of the French, Little Russian ode. Imn, here is the solemn song of the Titiakovskaya piita for consumption (!) Of French hordes in Russia [a parody of VK Tredyakovski]. Tombstone to the French in Russia. - Ex. RSL adj. to: Napoleon and the French in Moscow ...- M., 1813. - Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825. .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Patriotic War - in the literature of the Russian - 1812 - Collections.
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