News of the Taurida Academic Archive Commission. G. 26 No. 49

      Tavrichesky scientific archival commission.
Proceedings of the Tavrichesky Academic Archive Commission: No. 1-57. - Simferopol, 1888-1920
G. 26 No. 49. - 1913. - [4], 280 c. : ill. -
Edited by the chairman of the commission Ars. Ives. Markevich.
In the output data, the publishing house: Printing house of the Tauride provincial zemstvo.
Contents: To the centenary of the Patriotic War. Taurian province in connection with the era of 1806-1814. Historical essay / A. Markevich. The Patriotic War in manifestos, decrees and other official acts in the minds of the Russian people / NS Belyaev. Borodino. Poem / LP Belyaeva. On the changes in the 12-year-old animal cycle in some Turkish tribes / AN Samoilovich. About two grams of the Turkish sultan Abdul Hamid I (From the collection of manuscripts of the Tavrica Academic Archive Commission) / S. Shapshal. Amfora handles on. Phasos with the names of astinomas and emblems, found in Chersonese, inscribed on them / II Makhov. One of the Russian prisoners in the Crimea, St. Varsonofy, bishop of Tver, enlightener of the Kazan Krai / PV Maslov. The departure of the Tauride Nogais to Turkey in 1860 / AA Sergeev. Minutes of the sessions of the Taurida Academic Archive Commission: March 8, April 12, May 19, August 16, August 26, October 16, November 15, 1912. - Bibliography in footnotes .
I. Markevich, Arseny Ivanovich (1855-1942). 1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Patriotic War - 1812 - Collections. 5. Peoples of Russia - Historical and Ethnographic Studies - Collections. 6. Russia - History - 19th century. - Collections.
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