Iconostasis. Part 6. Festive rank. 1341 From the St. Sophia Cathedral of Veliky Novgorod

Dyakonova, Tatyana Ivanovna    
Iconostasis [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [album of photographs: in 8 parts] / photo TI Dyakonova, AA Osina, V M Yarosh; sost, graphic concept and design AA Kassirova; Presidential Library of the name of Boris Yeltsin - Electronic graphic data - Veliky Novgorod, May 22-23, 2012 - (Exposition of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve "Russian icon of the XI - XIX centuries") -
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Iconostasis is an altar partition consisting of one or several rows of arranged icons, separating the altar part of the Orthodox church, symbolizing Paradise, from the middle part of the temple, symbolizing the world The high iconostasis has five rows (ranks) of icons and three gates leading to the altar. The lower row (rank) is called the local Main Gate, located in the bottom row opposite the Throne are called the Royal Ones and to the right are the southern and northern deacon's gates. Next behind the Local , followed by the Deesis, the Festive, the Prophetic and the Patriarchal orders. The iconostasis ends with a cross or the icon of the Crucifixion. Sometimes on the sides of the cross are placed the icons of the forthcoming: Our Lady, John the Theologian, Myrrh-Bearers, dry and festive rites of the temple iconostasis of Novgorod and its environs. The exposition "The Russian Icon of the XI - XIX centuries", where the exhibits presented in the albums are located, was opened on May 18, 2004 and is still valid. - Materials of the sites: "Novgorod State United Museum- reserve "(URL: http: // novgorodmuseumru / chto-posmotret / 67-ekspozitsiya-russkaya-ikona-xi-xix-vekovhtml); "Journey to the Holy Places" (URL: http: // wwwvidaniaru / statyi / ikonostashtml)
I Osin, Andrei Alekseevich II Yarosh, Vladimir Mikhailovich III Kassirova, Anastasia Alexeevna (1991-) IV Presidential Library named after BN Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) V "Russian icon of the XI-XIX centuries", exposition (Veliky Novgorod, 2004-) 1 Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve Exposition "Russian icon of the XI - XIX centuries" - Photographs 2 Territory (collection) 3 Novgorod Museum-Reserve in photos (collection) 4 Territory of Russia: Novgorod Region (collection) 5 Novgorod Region: pages of history (collection ) 6 Orthodox iconostasis - Fo 7 Documentary Photos
ББК 633 (2Рос-4Нов) 64-7я611
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Ч 6: Festive rank 1341 г From the St. Sophia Cathedral of Veliky Novgorod: [album of photographs] - Electronic graphic data (79 files: 644.1 MB) - Veliky Novgorod, May 22, 2012 -
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The sixth part of the album includes: a cover-screen saver; 14 screen savers: with the content of the album, section titles; 64 photos of the festive order icons The photos show the general view and fragments of the icons
Festive rank - the third row of the iconostasis. It contains icons depicting the main events of the Gospel history, that is, twelve feasts. For example, they include the Nativity of Christ, the Presentation of the Lord, the Epiphany Lord's Transfiguration, the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem and other icons of the festive rank, presented in the album, were painted by Byzantine masters at the behest of the Novgorodian Vladyka Basil for the iconostasis of Sofiysk The cathedral that suffered during the fire in 1339 The festive rite represents twelve compositions corresponding to the twelve holidays, written on three boards - Materials of the sites used: "Liturgy" (URL: http: // wwwliturgyru / article_chram_iconostas); "Academician" (URL: http: // dicacademicru / dicnsf / enc_pictures) - Materials of the film "The Russian icon in the collection of the Novgorod Museum-Reserve" (dyakonova TI, Presidential Library of BN Yeltsin, 2012)
1 Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve Exposition "Russian Icon of the XI - XIX centuries" - Photographs 2 St. Sophia Cathedral (Veliky Novgorod, city) - Iconostasis - Photographs 3 Territory (collection) 4 Novgorod Museum Reserve in Photos (collection) 5 Territory of Russia: Novgorod region (collection) 6 Novgorod region: pages of history (collection) 7 Orthodox iconostasis - Photographs 8 Documentary photographs
ББК 633 (2Рос-4Нов) 64-7я611
ББК 8637224-5751я611
Source of electronic copy: ПБ
Location of original retention: ПБ
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