The historic laudable word of Catherine II,

Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766-1826).    
The historical laudable word of Catherine II, / composed by Nikolai Karamzin. - Moscow: In the University Printing Office in Lyubia, Gary and Popov, 1802. - [4], 187, [3] p. ; 8 ° (19) cm. -
There is also an engraved title page.
The title of the engraved title page: A laudable word to Catherine II. SK 1801-1825 3394.
Before the text the dedication of the author: His Imperial Majesty Alexander the First, the autocrat of the All-Russian.
Bibliography in the footnotes. - A copy of the Tula OUNB is defective: there is no engraved title page.
I. Alexander I (Russian Emperor, 1777-1825) .1. Catherine I (Empress of Russia, 1684 - 1727). 2. Karamzin, Nikolai Mikhailovich (1766 - 1826) - and Russian literature. 3. Power (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. House of the Romanovs (collection). 6. N. M. Karamzin (collection).
BBC 63.3 (2) 513-8
E-copy source: PB
Original location: Tula OUNB
Publisher В Университетской типографии у Любия, Гария и Попова
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