History of Russia from the most ancient times. Book. 5, or according to the writer part four of the Ancient Chronicles of the Ru...


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Tatishchev, Vasily Nikitich (1686-1750).    
The history of Russia from the most ancient times / Vigilant works through the thirtieth years collected and described by the late secret adviser and Astrakhan governor, Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev. - [Moscow]: Nopech. under the Imp. Moscow. un-te, 1768-1848. - 4. -
Кн.1-3 were printed under. Ed. G.F. Miller. Each book. is equipped with a pred. Ed.
Кн.5 с предисл. and after. Ed. - О.М. Bodiansky.
Кн.5 is printed in type. Moscow. Un-ta.
Posthumous. ed. Kn. 1-3 were published in Moscow. un-tom on the list given to the son of the author. - E.V. Tatishchev. Kn.5 issued by hand, discovered by M.P. Pogodin in his b-ke.
Кн.4 is printed in Petersburg, in the type. Weibrecht.
At the end of Book 2, pointers to books 1-2 are placed. - SK XVIII.
I. Tatischev, Evgraf Vasilyevich (1717-1781). II. Miller, Gerard Friedrich (1705-1783). III. Bodiansky, Osip Maksimovich (1808-1877). IV. Typography of Weitbrecht I.Ya. (St. Petersburg). V. Moscow University. Typography.
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Book. 5, or according to the writer part four of the Ancient Chronicles of the Russian / [aut. after. O. Bodiansky]. - 1848. - 533 p. .
I. Bodyansky, Osip Maksimovich (1808-1877) .1. Ivan III (Grand Duke of Moscow, 1440 - 1505). 2. Vasily III Ivanovich (Grand Duke of Moscow, 1479 - 1533). 3. Ivan IV (the Russian king, 1530 - 1584). 4. Fedor Ivanovich (the Russian king, 1557-1598). 5. Power (collection). 6. Grand Dukes - Sources and source study. 7. Russia - History - 15-16 centuries. - Sources and source study.
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Издательство Напеч. при Имп. Моск. ун-те
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