To the flora of the Akmola region

  Gordyagin, Andrey Yakovlevich  (1865-1932).    
To the flora of the Akmola region / A.Ya. Gordyagin; Tobolsk Province Museum. - Tobolsk: Printing house of the Diocesan Brotherhood, 1916. - 56 p. -
Bibliography in the text. - Impression from the "Yearbook of the Tobolsk Provincial Museum", vol. XXVII, 1916. - With the author's autograph .
I. Tobolsk Province Museum. 1. Territory (collection). 2. Russia-Kazakhstan: from the history of relationships (collection). 3. Plants - Akmola region (Kazakhstan).
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ББК 26.89 (2Каз-7)
Source of electronic copy: Tyumen OMB
Location on the original: Тюменская ОНБ
Publisher Типография Епархиального Братства
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