Kobzar TG Shevchenko

Shevchenko, Taras Grigorievich (poet, 1814-1861).    
Kobzar TG Shevchenko / in translation by NA Chmyrev. - Moscow: the edition of NI Mamontov, 1874. - 162, [1] p., [1] f. portraiture. -
Contains: poems: "Maryana"; "The neophytes"; "Gaydamaky"; "The Slave"; "Moskalev the Krynitsa"; "Princess"; Small poems. - A copy of Dnipropetrovsk OUNB with a stamp: Libraries of A.P. Lavrov .
I. Chmyrev, Nikolai Andreevich (writer, 1852-1886) .1. The Kobzar. Shevchenko, Taras (1814 - 1861). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. TG Shevchenko (collection).
ББК 84 (4Укр)
Electronic copy source: Dnipropetrovsk OUNB
An original storage location: Днепропетровская ОУНБ
Publisher издание Н. И. Мамонтова
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