Red archive. 1939, vol. 1 (92) - vol. 3 (94)

Red archive: a historical journal. - Moscow: Central Archive of the RSFSR, 1922-1941. -
Editors: 1922-1927 VV Adoratsky, V. V. Maksakov and others
Supervision: 1926 T. 3 - 1935 Central Archive of the RSFSR; 1936-1938 No. 3 (88) The Central Archives of the USSR and the RSFSR; 1938 No. 4/5 (89/90) - The Main Archival Department of the USSR NKVD.
Place of publication: 1922-1924 T. 6 Moscow; 1924 T. 7 - 1932 Moscow - Leningrad; 1933 - Moscow.
Publisher: 1922 T. 1 Central Archive of the RSFSR; 1922 T. 2 - 1932 State Publishing House; 1932 T. 5/6 - State socio-economic publishing house (Sokekhiz).
Contents of the published volumes of the journal Red Archive. T. 1-63. [1922-1934] (In the journal Red Archive, 1934, T. 63, pp. 136-146). - Nominal index to I-IV of the so-called "Red Archive" magazine. (In the journal Red Archive, 1924, Volume 7, pp. I-XXVII) .
I. Adoratsky, Vladimir Viktorovich (1878-1945). II. Maksakov, Vladimir Vasilyevich (1886-1964). III. THE USSR. The main archival management. IV. The RSFSR. Central archive. 1. General history - Periodicals. 2. Russia - History - Periodicals.
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1939, vol. 1 (92) - vol. 3 (94). - 1939. - 3 tons: vol. 1 - 231, [1] c., [1] l. portraits, portraits; t. 2 - 262, [1] p .; t. 3 - 259, [1] p. -
In the output: State Social and Economic Publishers.
Contents: T. 1: Report at the XVIII Congress of the Party on the work of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B.) / J. Stalin; VI Lenin in the years of the imperialist war: an introductory article by E. Yaroslavsky; To the 20th anniversary of the death of Ya. M. Sverdlov; Kandeyev uprising in 1861; To the history of factory legislation in 1881: an introductory article by N. Zhuravlev; From the history of the Nenets people 30-40-ies of the XIX century. (Movement of Vauli Piettomina): an introductory article by E. Rozanchugov; To the history of the Karakalpaks of the 18th century: (ending); To the history of the pan-German union: an introductory article by AE; PA Moiseenko in the Arkhangelsk reference: an introductory article by A. Uglovoi. T. 2: MV Frunze in the organization of the defeat of Kolchak: an introductory article by E. Boltin; Russia and Prussia in the Schleswig-Holstein issue: an introductory article by S. Lesnik; From the history of the labor movement of the late 1990s and the "Union of Struggle for the Emancipation of the Working Class": an introductory article by O. Chaadaeva; The May Day strike of 1900 in Kharkov: an introductory article by Z. Dobrova; From the history of Russia's intercourse with the Turkmens in the XVIII century. : an introductory article by V. Razumovskaya; From the correspondence of NI Kostomarov with the editor of the Historical Herald, Shubinsky: an introductory article by G. Nikolskaya. Vol. 3: Petrograd workers in the struggle against Yudenich. Introductory article by G. Kostomarov; The strike of workers in the railway workshops in Tiflis (1900). An introductory article by O. Chaadaeva; From the pedagogical activity of I. N. Ulyanov. Introductory article by E. Medynsky; The history of Russian-American relations during the civil war in the United States. Introductory article by M. Malkin; Elections in Paris to the General States in 1789 (from the letters of a contemporary). Introductory article by E. Alexandrova; Description of the history of the Kalmyk people, composed by V. Bakunin. Introductory article by V. Razumovskaya; "Great fear" in Auvergne. Introductory article K. Ratkevich. - Bibliography in footnotes. - In the copy of the VCBB, Volume 1 (92), Volume 2 (93) and Volume 3 (94) for 1939 are intertwined together. - 21 500 copies. .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. General History - Periodicals. 5. Russia - History - Periodicals.
BBC 63.3 (2) I52
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