Kremnev, a Russian soldier

  Skobelev, Ivan Nikitich  (military leader, writer, 1778-1849).    
Kremnev, Russian soldier: original dramatic performance in 3 acts / op. Russian invalid I. Skobelev. - St. Petersburg: In the printing house of N. Grech, 1839. - [10], 93 p. -
On the back of the region: The seal is allowed so that a legal number of copies is submitted to the Censorship Committee on a print. St. Petersburg, May 4, 1839. Censor P. Korsakov.
To His Imperial Highness the Sovereign Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the chief commander of all military schools. The most sincere offering.
The play takes place in 1812-1814. I-e action takes place in the landowner's estate on the eve of the Patriotic War. The main character is Ivan Kremnev, a retired noncommissioned officer of the infantry regiment, a soldier uncle who is in the service of the young 20-year-old landowner Vladimir Rusov. In the II-th action comes the news of the beginning of the war and the formation of the militia, V. Rusov and I. Kremnev go to the military camp. The third action takes place in 1814, in the estate everyone expects the return of V. Rusov and I. Kremnev from the military campaign. Vladimir returns, he was wounded in the battle near Borodino, Leipzig and Paris, Kremnev lost his hand. - The list of performers of the Alexandrinsky Theater is given. - The premiere took place on April 24, 1839 at the Alexandrinsky Theater (St. Petersburg), October 27, 1839 at the Maly Theater (Moscow) .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. Patriotic War - Fiction - 1812. 3. Foreign campaigns of Russian troops - Fiction - 1813 - 1814. 4. Russian plays - 19 - beginning. 20th centuries.
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