Culture of speech in samples and tasks for independent study

Culture of speech in samples and tasks for independent study: a workbook for schools of the 2 nd level, workers' faculties, komvuzov, party schools and pedagogical schools: c the application of the handbook on the arrangement of punctuation marks, comp. S. G. Barkhudarov: The State is allowed. Academic Council / A. Gurevich, A. Sytova, M. Sokolova, M. Yanchevskaya. - Edition 2-e. - [Leningrad]: Brockhaus-Efron, 1929. - 263 p. ; 19 cm. -
Alphabetical index of authors and articles: p. 257 - 261. - Bibliography in footnotes. - 10000 copies. .
I. Sokolova, M .. II. Yanchevskaya, M .. III. Gurevich, A. .. IV. Slotova, A. .. V. Barkhudarov, Stepan Grigorievich (1894-1983) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language - Culture of speech - Educational publications for self-education. 4. Russian language - Punctuation - Educational publications for self-education.
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