Lectures on Physical Geography

  Nikitin, Mikhail Vasilyevich  (1871-?).    
Lectures on physical geography: a course read at the Hydrographic Faculty of the Naval Academy in 1922-1923. / MV Nikitin. - Petrograd: Cartographic. master. Ch. hydra. Exercise. Morkoma, [1923?]. - VI, 356 p. : heck. ; 36 cm. - Baked. for food. mash. - Lithographer. - Dated according to the contents. - Bibliograf. in the pref. .
1. Territory (collection). 2. Geography textbooks (collection). 3. Physical Geography - Textbooks for higher educational institutions.
ББК 26.8я73
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Publisher Картографич. мастер. Гл. гидр. упр. Моркома
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