The linguistic and cultural significance of the eye lexeme and its realization in the works of MA Bulgakov "The Dog Heart" and "...

Pershukova, Svetlana Valentinovna (Candidate of Philology).    
Lingvokulturnoe importance of the lexeme "eyes" and its implementation in the works of M. A. Bulgakov "The Heart of a Dog" and "Fatal Eggs": the dissertation author's abstract on the scientific degree of Candidate of Philology: specialty 10.02.01 / Pershukova Svetlana Valentinovna; [Moscow time. state. reg. un-t; Place of protection: Nizhegor. state. un-t them. N.I. Lobachevsky]. - Nizhny Novgorod, 2013. - 25 p. -
Place of defense: Nizhegor. state. un-t them. N.I. Lobachevsky. - Bibliography: p. 24-25 (10 titles) and in the footnote. note
1. Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasyevich (1891-1940). "Dog's heart" - Language and style - Abstracts of dissertations. 2. Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanasyevich (1891-1940). "Fatal eggs" - Language and style - Abstracts of dissertations. 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Russian language. 6. Russian language - Semantics stylistic - Abstracts of dissertations. 7. Language and culture - Abstracts of dissertations.
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