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Sokolova, Nadezhda Fedorovna (1903-1973).    
Personal sheet on accounting of personnel / Sokolova Nadezhda Fedorovna; [Leningrad Library College]. - [Leningrad], 1955. - 1 sheet folded in half: a photograph; 29х20,5 cm. -
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Personal sheet on the personnel records of the director of the Leningrad library technical college Nadezhda Fyodorovna Sokolova. The personal leaflet includes: surname, name, patronymic, year and month of birth, place of birth, nationality, social origin, main occupation (occupation), social status, party membership, education, work performed from the beginning of employment, participation in elected bodies of various levels , health status, awards and rewards, marital status and other information. Handwritten litters are made in ink. At the end of the leaflet is a handwritten signature and the date: April 20, 1955. On the first page of the personal leaf in the upper right corner is a black and white photograph (9x6.5 cm) .
I. Leningrad Library College. II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. Sokolova, Nadezhda Fedorovna (1903-1973) - Documents and materials. 2. Leningrad library technical school - Documents and materials. 3. The people (the collection).
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