Materials on the study of soils of the Altai District

Vydrin, Iosif Petrovich (1867-1922).    
Materials on the study of soils in the Altai region: with the application of 2 maps, soil and vegetation-climatic diagrams and a rose of winds / were made by IP Vydrin and ZI Rostovsky. - Barnaul: Typically litorgr. at Ch. Exercise. Alt. okr., 1899.-VI, 153, 171 p., [23] l. diag. + 2 colors. to .. - .
I. Rostovsky, Zelislav Iosifovich. Territory (collection). 2. Altai Territory: pages of history (collection). 3. Natural wealth of Russia (collection). 4. Soils - Altai, a mountainous country (Central Asia). 5. Altai Territory - Physical Geography.
BBK 26.823 (253)
The source of the electronic copy: Altai KUNB

Location of original: Altai KUNB
Publisher Типо-литогр. при Гл. Упр. Алт. окр.
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