Accurate and Walking Words


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Mikhelson, Maurice Ilyich (1825-1903).    
Accurate and walking words: Sat. Rus. and foreign. proverbs, sayings and expressions / M.I. Michelson. - St. Petersburg: a steam scoundrel. BY. Yablonsky, 1894. - VI, 690 p. ; 22. -
In the 2nd ed. zagl .: Walking and accurate words.
Alf. decree .: p. 659-690 .
I. Michelson, Moritz Ilich (1825-1903) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Phraseological dictionaries. 3. Russian language - Stylistic dictionaries. 4. "Winged words."
BBK 81.411.2-428
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