Mineral water. Memorial-memorial "Fire of eternal glory"

Voronova, Margarita Ivanovna    
Mineral water. Monument-memorial "Fire of eternal glory" [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [photo album] / photo by Margarita Voronova. - Electronic data (3 files: 11 MB). - Stavropol, November 11, 2005. -
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Information about the photographs is provided by the Stavropol KUNB them. M. Yu. Lermontov. Place and date of the survey: Stavropol Territory, Mineralnye Vody, 11.11.2005.
The album includes three photos: 1) The Alley of Glory with the monuments-bas-reliefs to the Heroes of the Soviet Union; 2) Memorial "The Fire of Eternal Glory"; 3) The bas-relief "Motherland-Mother" of the memorial "The Fire of Eternal Glory."
The photographs depict the memorial-memorial "The Fire of Eternal Glory", located in the city of Mineral Waters. They will be built in honor of the heroes-fellow countrymen of the Great Patriotic War who fell for freedom and independence of the Motherland. It was opened on May 9, 1976. The memorial was designed by the architect IM Fridental, sculptors by the brothers LE and ME Roberman, chasers of bas-reliefs for copper: VF Shchitov, EN Karpukhin from the city of Moscow. Music for the Requiem was written by composer V. Basner. The monument is a pentagon. Five bas-reliefs stand on five double pylons (rocks), the total height of which is 16 meters (ten meters are in the ground). Between each pair of pylons a stone is squeezed, which symbolizes the inaccessibility of the Caucasian mountains for the enemy. The main sculptural part of the memorial was the bas-relief "Motherland". The second bas-relief depicts the soldiers who stood up for protection of the Caucasian Mineral Waters in the summer of 1942. The third bas-relief reminds of the atrocities of the fascists on the mineral-water ground. In the sculpture of the fourth bas-relief, the theme of the reconnaissance group "Revenge" was taken, in 1942 a traitor betrayed to the fascists. The fifth bas-relief tells about the struggle of the Soviet people against the German-fascist invaders, including the partisans and underground workers of the Caucasus. The entrance to the memorial from the city begins with the Mall of Glory. Here, high-pedestrians are immortalized in bronze warriors-minerals - Heroes of the Soviet Union .
I. Stavropol State Regional Universal Scientific Library. M. Yu. Lermontov. The people (the collection). 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Stavropol Territory (collection). 5. Stavropol Territory: pages of history (collection). 6. The Great Patriotic War - Perpetuation of memory - Stavropol Territory - 1941 - 1945 - Photographs. 7. "Fire of eternal glory", memorial-memorial (Mineral Waters, city, Stavropol Territory) - Photographs. 8. Documentary photographs.
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