Mikhailovskoye [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [set of postcards] / photo V. Lapchenko; artist G. Lebzak; editor G. Bersenev. - Electronic data (30 files: 35.4 MB). - (St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2014). -
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On the front side of the cover of the line from Pushkin's poem "K ***": "How fleeting vision, like the genius of pure beauty ... ". On the inside of the cover is a text - brief information about the village of Mikhailovskoye. On the cover valve list of postcards included in the kit.
Electronic reproduction of the card set: Mikhailovskoye [Izomaterial] / photo V. Lapchenko; artist G. Lebzak; editor G. Bersenev. Leningrad: isokombinat "Artist of the RSFSR", 1989. 15 postcards in the cover: offset. 1 p. 26 cop. The circulation of 15000 copies. The package is incomplete: there is no cover. Location: Children's Museum of the postcard, St. Petersburg.
Contains postcards: 1. House-museum from the side of the river. Soroti; 2. House-museum from the side of the manor; 3. Cabinet of Alexander Pushkin; 4. Saltz; 5. Dining room; 6. Bedroom of parents; 7. Corner of the parents' bedroom; 8. The house of the nurse; 9-11. In the house of the nurse; 12. Bathhouse; 13. Economic house; 14. The Chapel; 15. Pond.
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I. Lapchenko, V. (Photographer). II. Lebzak, G. (artist). III. Berseneva, D. IV. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. "Mikhailovskoye", the state memorial historical-literary and nature-landscape museum-reserve AS. Pushkin (Pskov region) - Sets of postcards. 2. Postcards in the Presidential Library fund (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Territory of Russia: Pskov region (collection). 5. AS Pushkin (collection). 6. Pushkin places - Pskov region - Sets of postcards. 7. Documentary cards - USSR - 1945-1991.
ББК 63.3 (2Рос-2Пск) 634я611
E-copy source: PB
Original storage: Children's postcard museum
Publisher изокомбинат "Художник РСФСР"
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