Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad

Gulyakin, Valery Nikolayevich (photographer, 1959-).    
Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [photo album] / photo by VN Gulyakin. - Electronic graphic data (28 files: 218.5 MB). - St. Petersburg, 2013. -
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The album includes 28 photographs of the monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad: 1. General view of the monument; 2. Granite stele and the outer side of the walls of the round hall; 3-5. Stela; 6. Sculptural group of the stele "Winners"; 7-16. Sculptural groups on granite pedestals: 7. "Pilot and Sailors", "Snipers", "Builders of defensive structures"; 8. "Soldiers", "Founders", "Militia"; 9. "The pilot and sailors"; 10-11. "Snipers"; 12. "Builders of defensive structures"; 13. "Soldiers"; 14. "Founders"; 15-16. "Militia"; 17-24. Sculptural group in the memorable semicircular hall - "Blockade"; 25. Memorial Hall in the underground part of the museum; 26. Mosaic "The Blockade"; 27. Mosaic "Victory"; 28. Map "Heroic Battle for Leningrad."
The monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad is part of the ensemble of Victory Square. The memorial was established in 1975 according to the project of architects SB Speransky and VA Kamensky. The authors of the sculpture groups are MK Anikushin and Yu. S. Tyukalov. On February 23, 1978 an underground memorial hall was opened. The design of the mosaics of the underground hall was worked by artists S. N. Repin, I. G. Uralov and N. P. Fomin under the direction of AA Mylnikov. The structure of the monument includes: a stele with sculptures of the Worker and Soldier "Winners", sculptural multi-figured compositions on two sides of the monument on granite pedestals - "Pilot and Sailors", "Snipers", "Builders of defensive structures", "Soldiers", "Litejshchitsy" "Militia". In the center of the monument - on an area surrounded by a torn ring, a symbol of the breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad, an eternal flame burns and a sculptural group "Blockade" is installed, representing the figure of the mother holding the deceased child. In the underground part of the monument there is a museum decorated with two mosaic panels "Blockade" and "Victory". In the hall there is a documentary and art exposition dedicated to the defense and blockade of Leningrad, 12 artistic and historical expositions of documents and items of the Second World War, electronic map "Heroic Battle for Leningrad", marble plaque with the names of the defenders of Leningrad. Along the walls of the hall 900 lamps are installed in the form of candles, above which are inscriptions with the names of settlements near Leningrad, in which there were fighting. Address: пл. Victory .
1. The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad - Photos. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 4. St. Petersburg: pages of history (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection). 6. Documentary photographs.
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