Observations in the Syntax of the Laurentian List of the Chronicle


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Karsky, Evfimiy Fedorovich    
Observations in the Syntax of the Lavrentiev List of the Chronicle / E.F. Karsky. - Leningrad: Publishing house of Acad. Sciences of the USSR, 1929. - 75, 363-373 p. -
Bibliograf. in a substring. - Ott. Izvestiya on the Russian language and literature, vol. 2, book. 1. - Ex .: without tit. l .; with rukop. notations. - 50 copies. .
1. At the origins of Russian statehood (collection). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Laurentian Chronicle - Language and Style. 4. Old Slavonic language - Syntax.
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BBK 81.416-22
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Издательство Изд-во Акад. наук СССР
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