Nicholas I and the Decembrists

Alekseev, Vasily Pavlovich (historian, 1872-1940).    
Nicholas I and the Decembrists / VP Alekseev. - Moscow: Publishing house of the All-Union Society of Political Cavalry and Settlers, 1925. - 15 p. ; 18 cm. - (The cheap library of the magazine "Katorga and Link", No. 26). -
The back cover is lost.
- 50000 copies. .
1. Nicholas I (Emperor of Russia, 1796-1855). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Power (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Decembrists in the history of Russia (collection). 6. Decembrists - History.
BBC 63.3 (2) 521-425
Source of electronic copy: Tyumen 'ONB
Location on the original: Тюменская ОНБ
Publisher Издательство Всесоюзного общества политкаторжан и сс.-поселенцев
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