The Novgorod Chronicle of the Synodal Haratene List

Novgorod chronicle according to the Synodal haratene list. - St. Petersburg: edition of the Archaeographic Commission, 1875. - 338 p. ; 30 cm. -
On the front page in the output: The printing house of A. I. Trashel. V. Ya. Reinhardt's light-printer.
Light-printed reproduction of the annals. - There is no title page in the copy of the MOGNB.
The Novgorod first chronicle is known in two editions (extracts). The senior summary is presented by the synagogue's synagogue of the XIII-XIV centuries. The list is defective: the first 16 notebooks have been lost (from the beginning of the annals to 1016) and one notebook containing the events of 1273-1298. The chronicle was reproduced by the Archaeographic Commission with funds donated by the commission's employee Prince GD Khilkov. The light-print reproduction was performed by V. Ya. Reinhardt in his light-printed work under the supervision of member of the Archaeographic Commission PI Savvaitov .
I. The Imperial Archaeographic Commission (St. Petersburg) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Novgorod first chronicle. 3. Veliky Novgorod, the city - History - 9 - 17 centuries. - Sources and source study. 4. Russia - History - to the Ser. 14th c. - Sources and source study.
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The place where the original was stored: MOGNB
Publisher издание Археографической комиссии
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