Declaration and petition concerning the collection of different languages ​​in the examples

Buckmeister, Login Ivanovich (1730-1806).    
The announcement and petition relating to the collection of different languages ​​in the examples. - In St. Petersburg: at the Academy of Sciences, 1773. - 1-30 stb., 31-34 p. ; 44 °. -
The title page and the text in parallel in Russian, French, Latin and German.
Under stb. 19 - 22 the author is also listed in 4 languages: Gartwich Ludwich Hristian Buckmeister, inspector of the Gymnasium of the Imperial Academy of Sciences.
Printed on the author's account.
On the back cover of the handwritten text: These test sheets were sent at the order of the Imp. Catherine II-th to different persons, to compose her well-known vocabulary 200 adverbs. - 100 copies. .
I. Buckmeister, Gartwich Ludwich Hristian. II. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. "Comparative dictionaries of all languages ​​and dialects" - Preparation.
ББК 81.18
ББК 81.21 (2) 51
Electronic copy source: PB
Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher при Академии наук
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