Monument to General of the Army ID Chernyakhovsky

Tren, Sergei Alimovich (1960-).    
Monument to General of the Army ID Chernyakhovsky [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [photo] / photo by Sergey Alimovich Tren. - Electronic data (1 file: 0.6 MB). - Chernyakhovsk, April 24, 2008. -
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Information about the photo was provided by the administration of the municipal formation "Chernyakhovsky Municipal District". Place and date of survey: city Chernyakhovsk, pl. Chernyakhovsky, April 24, 2008.
The photograph depicts a monument to Hero of the Soviet Union, General II Chernyakhovsky, twice by the work of sculptor B. Edunov and architect M. Nasekin. Opened in Chernyakhovsk on May 9, 1977. Bronze sculpture is installed on a two-stage pedestal, faced with pink granite slabs. The general of the army is depicted in an unbuttoned overcoat, without a headdress, with a tablet in his right hand. On the pedestal is the inscription: "Twice Hero of the Soviet Union to General of the Army Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky." The height of the sculpture is 6 m, together with the pedestal - 10.5 m. During the period of the East Prussian operation, the commander of the 3rd Byelorussian Front, Army General Ivan Danilovich Chernyakhovsky, died on February 18, 1945 under the town of Melzak (Poland) .
I. Municipal formation "Chernyakhovskiy municipal district" (Kaliningrad region). Administration. II. "Victory is one for all", the project. Chernyakhovsky, Ivan Danilovich (1906 - 1945). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: Kaliningrad Region (collection). 6. Kaliningrad region: pages of history (collection). 7. Victory is one for all (draft). 8. The Great Patriotic War - Perpetuation of memory - Kaliningrad region - 1941 - 1945 - Photographs. 9. Documentary photographs.
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Source of the electronic copy: Administration of the municipal formation "Chernyakhovsky Municipal District"
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