Original geography with pictures

  Yaroshevskaya, Maria Tikhonovna      
The initial geography with pictures: a brief description of Russia and information from the mathematical, physical and general geography / comp. M.T. Yaroshevskaya. - Ed. 11th. - Moscow: type. A.I. Mamontov, 1918 (on the back of the literary liter of 1917). - [4], 191 pp., [4] l. kart. : ill. ; 27th .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Geography textbooks (collection). 3. Russia - Geography - Educational publications for secondary schools.
BBK 26.89 (2) I72
Source of electronic copy: ПБ
Location on the secret of the original: РГБ
Publisher тип. А.И. Мамонтова
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