The first photo reporter of Russia Karl Bulla

The first photo reporter of Russia Karl Bulla = Karl Bulla. The first Photojournalist in Russia: [Photographic Monuments / Carl Bulla Historical Photography Foundation; composer, the author of texts: Yu. I. Svetov; the editorial group: VE Elbek (head), Yu. I. Svetov, DA Buergganovsky]. - Saint-Petersburg: Fund of historical photography named after Karl Bulla, 2015. - 505, [7] p. : ill., portrait., color. portraiture. ; 33 cm. -
The text is parallel in Russian and English.
Karl Karlovich Bulla (1855-1929). The 160th anniversary of the founder of the Russian photo essay is dedicated.
The bibliography at the end of the book (3 titles).
. - 1000 copies. - ISBN 978-5-905048-70-8 .
I. Svetov, Yury Ilyich (1943-). II. Elbek, Valentin Evgenievich (1937-). III. Foundation for historical photography named after Karl Bulla (St. Petersburg) .1. Bulla, Karl Karlovich (1855 - 1929) - Albums. 2. Russia - History - con. 19 - beginning. 20 centuries. - Albums. 3. Documentary photographs.
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Source of the electronic copy: The Historical Photography Foundation. Karla Bulli
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ISBN 978-5-905048-70-8
Publisher Фонд исторической фотографии имени Карла Буллы
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