The plan of the provincial city of Vladimir

      Vladimir, the city. Map. [1: 840].
The plan of the provincial city of Vladimir [Maps]: [poster] / Administration of Vladimir, Gos. archive Vladimir. region, LLC "Stroit.-investitsionny company" V-GRAD "[and others.] - Reprint.," The plan of the provincial city of Vladimir. 1899 "- [1: 840], 100 carats in 1 inch - Vladimir: Niva, 2004. - 1 in.: Text, flowers, 66 x 92. -
In the original edition .: On the instructions of G. The governor of the province, the plan was drawn up in 1899. The plan was drawn from the plan of the military topographer Kolomin, land surveyor A. Pavlov.
Key: Churches indicated on the plan in numbers.
Text: A brief statistical description of the provincial town Vladimir (as of January 1, 1891.) - In the corners of the 4 images with the faces of the saints.
I. The Vladimir region. Administration. Vladimir, city - Plans. 2. Vladimir, the city - History - Kon. 19th century. - Plans. 3. Plans.
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