Business law. Legal protection of business in Russia

Business law. Legal protection of business in Russia: a textbook for students of higher educational institutions / [E. A. Pavlov and others]; edited by Cand. jurid. Sciences EA Pavlova. - Moscow: UNITY-DANA: Law and Law, 2012. - 192 p. ; 21 cm. - (Higher professional education, jurisprudence). - ISBN 978-5-238-01183-7 .
I. Pavlov, Evgenii Aleksandrovich (Candidate of Legal Sciences). II. Eriashvili, Nodari Darchoevich (Doctor of Economic Sciences). III. Kirsanov, Alexey Yurievich (Candidate of Law) .1. Right (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Entrepreneurship - Legal issues - Russian Federation - Educational editions for higher educational institutions.
ББК 67.404.91я73
Source of the electronic copy: National Library Resource
ISBN 978-5-238-01183-7
Publisher ЮНИТИ-ДАНА Закон и право
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