Travel, from St. Petersburg to Moscow


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Radishchev, Alexander Nikolayevich (1749-1802).    
Travel, from St. Petersburg to Moscow. - Facsimile edition. - [Moscow: Academia: Goznak, 1935]. - [2] l., 453, [1] c., [1] l. ; 8. -
This publication is a photolithographic reproduction of the first edition of "Travels from St. Petersburg to Moscow" St. Petersburg. 1790 with a copy, stored in the State Historical Museum in Moscow. Articles, comments, notes and pointers to the text are combined in the second volume of this publication.
At the end of the text: with the permission of the Deanery Department.
The title page and the text are in the old spelling.
On the title page in the output of the original : In St. Petersburg, 1790.
The place, publishing house and year of the photolithographic edition are indicated in the graduation data, at the end of the book.
The author is not listed in the book.
A copy of the RSL without a cover.
1. "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow." Radishchev, Alexander Nikolayevich (1749 - 1802). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Russian literature - 18 in ..
BBC 84 (2 = 411.2) 51
An electronic copy source: RSL
Location of original copy: РГБ
Издательство Academia Гознак
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