Russian universal grammar, or Universal Writing,


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  Kurganov, Nikolay Gavrilovich  (1726-1796).    
Russian universal grammar, or Universal Writing: Offer the easiest way of the fundamental teaching of the Russian language: With seven additions of different educational and useful things. - Published in the city of St. Peter: [b. and.], 1769. - [6], 424 p. ; 8. -
Circulation 600 copies
"Offering" signed: well-wishers N. K.
2 and 3 ed. left under the zagl .: "Book pisniknik, and in it the science of the Russian language ..."; 4 and 6th - "The writer, containing the science of the Russian language ..."
Dictionary of the multilingual, or the interpretation of Jewish, Greek, Latin, French, German and other foreign languages ​​used in Russian and some Slavic words (Russian word-talk) (p. 381-416). - The news. At the Morskoy printing house they are sold ... (p. 424). - On the copy, handwritten litters. - On the specimen stamp: Sergei Sakovnin .
I. Sakovnin, Sergey. 1. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Historical grammar. 3. Russian language - Educational publications.
BBK 81.411.2-03
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