Russian lexicon alphabetically

Rodde, Yakov Matveyevich (1725 - 1789).    
Russian lexicon alphabetically / published by Yakov Rodd, secretary and translator at the magistrate of the Russian Imperial City of Riga. - Published in Leipzig: in the printing house of Johann Gottlob Manuel Breitkopf, 1784. - [2], 418, [2] p. ; 8 ° cm. -
On the title page, instead of the output data, the place of sale of the book is indicated: In Riga: in Ivan Friedrich Hartknoch. The output is indicated on p. 416.
Russian-German dictionary. This dictionary is printed simultaneously with the "Deutsch-Russisches W \\ u00F6rteduch" of the same author. Both dictionaries have a general preface in German.
On the back of the owner's cover, the insert: From the library for reading Ivan Smirdin .
1. Russian language (collection). 2. German language - Historical dictionaries - Russian language. 3. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - German.
ББК 81.411.2-422
ББК 81.43.24-422
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Publisher в типографии Иогана Готлоба Мануила Брейткопфа
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