Russian-American possessions

Afanasyev, Dmitry Matveyevich (1830-1903).    
Russian-American possessions: (Historical overview of the formation of the Russian-American Company and its actions to date, compiled by P. Tikhmenev, Part I of 1861, part II of 1863): [review / D. Afanasyev]. - [St. Petersburg: printing house of the Naval Ministry, 1864]. - 42 seconds. ; 24 cm. -
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Without title page and cover.
From the "Sea Collection" No. 3, 1864
1. The Russian-American Company - History. 2. Power (collection). 3. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 4. Russia-USA: from the history of relationships (collection). 5. Russian America (collection).
BBC 63.3 (2) 521-27
BBK 63.3 (7Soy) 521-04
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Publisher Типография Морского Министерства
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