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Russian map: [cycle of popular science films: in 4 parts] / M-in Russia culture and film studio Lennauchfilm; aut. script: Ivan Sidelnikov, Valentina Gurkalenko; director: Ivan Sidelnikov; operator: Alexander Yakubovsky; producer: Tatiana Maslina. - [St. Petersburg]: Lennauchfilm, 2001-2005
Film 2. - Electron. Dan. (1 video file: 487 MBytes). - 2002. -
Duration: 39 minutes 03 seconds.
The second film of the project "Russian map" is devoted to the topic of Russia's entry into the world market. How compatible are Russia and the world market? Is there a single right "special" geopolitical path for Russia? Is the course of ongoing processes natural in the country? And, finally, does Russia expect a demographic catastrophe? These and other vital issues for Russia are the subject of controversy between prominent political figures and representatives of the "fourth power". And what does a simple man from the outback think of all this? The film organically includes newsreels, animation. computer graphics .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. Geopolitics - Russian Federation - Multimedia publications. 4. International economic relations - Multimedia publications.
BBK 66.4 (2Ros), 3я04
BBK 66.4 (0), 4я04
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Издательство Леннаучфильм
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