Russian antiquity. G. 27 1896, T. 86, book. 4-6, April-June


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Russian antiquities: a monthly historical edition. - D.1-49. - St. Petersburg, 1870-1918 .
1. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia - History - until 1917 - Periodicals. 5. Historical journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries.
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G. 27 1896, T. 86, book. 4-6, April-June. - A type. Highest utv. T-va "Public benefit", 1896. - 678 p. : portr. -
Contents: Book. 4: Autobiographical note by Secretary of State Vasily Romanovich Marchenka. 1782-1838: Ch. 2 / communication. prof. V. A. Bilbasov. The stay of Peter the Great in the Austrian Netherlands in 1717. Letters from A. S. Shishkov to Count D. Khvostov. Shots of A. Stakhovich's memories. At the turn of two epochs: (from personal memories): Ch. 9-12: (ending) / [op.] M. L. Peskovsky, [and others]; Book. 5: Book. VA Cherkasky and civil administration in Bulgaria. 1877-1878 years. Ch. 16 / [cit.] DG Anuchina. Russia and England in Turkey in 1876-1877: (page from modern history). Ch. 1 / ***. An autobiographical note by Secretary of State Vasily Romanovich Marchenka. 1782-1838: (end) / communication. prof. V. A. Bilbasov. Letters from Count AA Arakcheev to Baron B. B. Kampenhausen and F. E. Buchmeyer (1816-1823). Shots of memories / [op.] A. Stakhovich, [and others]; Book. 6: A few words in memory of the Emperor Nicholas I-th / ND Emperor Nicholas in 1828-1829 .: (from the notes of Count A. Kh. Benckendorff) .5. Count VA Perovsky in the Orenburg region. Ch. 4-8: (ending) / [op.] PL Yudin. To the history of the reign of Emperor Nicholas I-th: (letters and notes). 1-20, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. Notes .. - Библиогр. leaflet: with. 2-3 reg. .
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Издательство Тип. Высочайше утв. Т-ва "Общественная польза"
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