Russian antiquity. G. 21 1890, [T. 67, book. 9], September

Russian antiquities: a monthly historical edition. - St. Petersburg, 1870-1918
G. 21 1890, [T. 67, book. 9], September. - 1890. -
Contents: Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin from Count N.P. Rumyantsev in 1824 / communication. Academician L. N. Maikov. Nikolai Ivanovich Novikov in his correspondence with the book. N. N. Trubetskoi, 1816 / communication. Professor NS Tikhonravov. Vasily Trofimovich Narezhny, 1780-1825 Essay the third / comp. NA Belozerskaya. Nikolay Gavrilov. Chernyshevsky, his life in Saratov, 1828-1846 years. / messages. F.V. Dukhovnikov. Alexander Vasilievich Nikitenko, Academician-Professor. Diary of 1858 Stepan Petrovich Shevyrev, professor / communication. NI Panov. Count Leo Tolstoy in the memoirs of Eugene Skyler, 1867-1870. trans. with English. and communication. AF G. Essay the first. Nadezhda Andreevna Durova, 1790-1863. Cavalry Girl / Communications. F. F. Lashmanov. Notes of Ivan Stepanovich Zhirkevich. Part 4 (End) [and others]. - Ex. MOGNB on the 2nd p. owner's cover with a sticker: From the library of V. I. Bessonov .
I. Bessonov, V. I .. 1. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia - History - until 1917 - Periodicals. 5. Historical journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries.
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