Russian antiquity. G. 3 1872, vol. 6, [kn. 7-12, July-December]

Russian antiquities: a monthly historical edition. - D.1-49. - St. Petersburg, 1870-1918 .
1. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia - History - until 1917 - Periodicals. 5. Historical journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries.
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G. 3 1872, vol. 6, [kn. 7-12, July-December]. - Printing house of VS Balashev, 1872. - IV, IV, XII, 704 pp., 158, 417-1244 stb. -
Contents: Book. 7: Notes of the partisan Denis Davydov: memories of the Polish war of 1831. Ermolov, Dibich and Paskevich in the Caucasus in 1826-1827: reports and letters / communications. PI Vrioni. Notes of IP Liprandi. Leaflets from the notebook "Russian antiquities"; Book. 8: Notes to the mail. surgeon surgeon DK Tarasov. Ch. 15-18. 1824-1825 (end) / message. A. D. Tarasov. Appendix to the notes of DK Tarasov. The death of A. S. Griboedov, details of his tragic death, (1829) / communication. A. Berger. Leaflets from the notebook "Russian antiquities"; Book. 9: Memoirs of Dr. II Europeus on the Earl of Arakcheev. 1820-1832 years. Ermolov, Dibich and Paskevich, in the Caucasus in 1826-1827: reports and letters (end) / communication. PI Vrioni. Leaflets from the notebook "Russian antiquities"; Book. 10: Russian Theater under Alexander I: memories of PA Karatygin. Notes Partisan Denis Davydov: memories of the Polish War of 1831 Ch. 7-16 (end) / message. VD Davydov. Suvorov: Letters to his relatives. 1791 / communication. A. A. Suvorov, book. Italiysky, gr. Rymniki. Thoughts of Field Marshal Prince. IF Paskevich on the protection and fall of Sevastopol. 1855 / communication. N. P. Stepanov. Leaflets from the notebook of "Russian antiquity", [and others]; Book. 11: Alexei Petrovich Ermolov: memories of MN Pokhvisnev. Reports and letters of AP Ermolov: imp. Alexander I, gr. Arakcheev, book. Volkonsky, Paskevich, and others. MN Pokhvisnev. Letters from AP Ermolov to PA Kikin. 1817-1832 years. / messages. book. P. D. Volkonsky. AP Ermolov to PN Ushakov. 1851 / communication. S. G. Ushakov. Acquaintance with Ermolov. 1847 / communication. SI Khrapovitsky, [and others]; Book. 12: From early years, from a long life: memories of TP Passek. 1810-1825 Lieutenant-General Lev Izmailov, Dednovsky landowner, in 1802-1831. / messages. A. G. Puparev. Letters from Peter the Great to Skornyakov-Pisarev. 1707-1722 / messages. AN Marin. Leaflets from the notebook "Russian antiquities." Notes, trivia and corrections, and other materials. - Index of personal names that occur in the "Russian Antiquity" 1872: stb. 1-158 of the first pagination. - Bibliography in footnotes. - Bibliography: p. 2-3 reg. .
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