Russian antiquity. G. 44 1913, T. 153, book. 1-3, January-March

Russian antiquities: a monthly historical edition. - D.1-49. - St. Petersburg, 1870-1918 .
1. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language (collection). 4. Russia - History - until 1917 - Periodicals. 5. Historical journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries.
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G. 44 1913, T. 153, book. 1-3, January-March. - A type. t-va pf. Electro-type, N.Ya. Stoykova, 1913. - 680, [5] p. : ill. -
Soderzhan: From the notes and memoirs of the judicial figure / [op.] AF Kony. Participation of Serbia in the war of 1877-78. / [Com.] GI Bobrikov. My acquaintance with the Wyss family. Grigor. Belinsky / [соч.] E. Fririch. People and customs for half a century / [op.] N. Morozova. Spartan education of the old cadets (from the notes of the old landowner) / [op.] VA Shompulov. In Constantinople in 1878-79 years. / [Com.] GI Bobrikov. L.N. Tolstoy and His Eminence Nikandr / communication. DU Thousand eight hundredth year / [ct] E. Shumigorsky. The grave of Suvorov's father / [op.] A. Golombievsky. Episodes from the defense of Port Arthur / [op.] K. Shumsky. The reports of the French envoys at the court of Catherine II, 1762-1765. / VV Timoshchuk. Towards the 300th anniversary of the Romanov House / [with.] E. Turaeva-Tsereteli. Development of the legend of the death of Tsarevich Dmitry / [op.] VN Svetozarova. Personal inviolability in the XVII century (1673) / communication. Ives. Suvorov. Unpublished letters of FM Dostoyevsky / [op.] Al. D. Alexandrova, [and others]. - Bibliograf. in a substring. Notes. - Contents of the volume t. 153 1913, January-March at the end of the book. .
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