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Issue. 2: The Russian Judiciary in the Context of Historical and Legal Studies = The Russian Judiciary in the Context of the Historical Legal Investigations / [scientific editors: dr. jurid. Sci., Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation DI Lukovskaya, N. V. Dunaeva, Dr.Sc. jurid. sciences]. - 2014. - 270, [1] с .. - (Series "Historical jurisprudence"="Studia Historico-Juridica" series / scientific editors: D. I. Lukovskaya, doctor of jurisprudence, professor, honored worker of science of Russian Federation, N. V. Dunaeva, Doctor of Legal Sciences). -
Summary in English.
Contents: N. V. Dunaeva. Notes that changed the design of the judicial reform (1857-1859) (scans 12-22). No. 1. Letter from the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of January 27, 1858, and a mailing list of Prince Dmitry Aleksandrovich Obolensky to members of the State Council and other persons (scans 23-24). № 2. Note by Prince Dmitry Aleksandrovich Obolensky "Remarks on the draft of a new procedure for judicial proceedings in Russia" (scans 25-46). № 3. S. I. Zarudny. A few thoughts about the objections of an unknown author to the new Charter of Civil Procedure (scans 46-70). No. 4. Note [on a new Statute of civil proceedings brought before the General Assembly of the State Council] (scans 71-98). NI Malysheva. On the issue of the ideological context of the transformations of the judicial organization of Russia in the era of Peter I (scans 100-107). V. A. Voropanov. Courts of special jurisdiction in the system of organs of municipal government of the Russian Empire in the late XVIII - first half of the XIX century. (scans 108-128). S.V. Kodan. Judicial reform of 1864 and codification of the judicial law of the Russian Empire (scans 129-136). K.V. Nazarenko. Judicial reform in the army and navy (60-70s of the XIX century) (scans 137-144). Yu. V. That. The transformation of the police in the 1860s and 1870s and the judicial reform of 1864 (scans 145-156). S.V. Lonskaya. Administrative and judicial reform of 1889 and world justice (scans 157-162). A. A. Dorskaya. Attempts to reform the church courts in the judicial system of the Russian Empire in the second half of the XIX - early XX centuries. (scans 163-174). MF Florinsky. Council of Ministers and the judiciary in Russia during the Duma monarchy (1906-1914) (scans 175-189). R.Yu. Pochekaev. The Russian court in the Bukhara emirate and its role in the process of frontier modernization (scans 190-205). KN Knyaginin. The factor of the territorial structure of the state in the development of Russian legal culture: the Russian Empire and the present (scans 206-229). O. S. Abramkin. Russian historical calendar as a source of legal information to the population of the Russian Empire (1779-1869 gg.) (Scans 230-244). RS Susorov. The bill on pages of legal periodicals (the last quarter of the 19th century) (scans 245-254). MI Yudina. Courts of Petrograd (October 1917-1922): from the history of the formation of the Russian judicial system (scans 255-273). - Bibliography in footnotes.
The release is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Judicial Charters of 1864. For the first time archival documents describing the legal culture of lawmaking are published. The scientific articles included in the collection reflect the evolution of the institutions of judicial power, principles and forms of judicial organization and legal proceedings in Russia during the 18th - first quarter of the 20th century. - 100 copies. - ISBN 978-5-905273-45-1 .
I. Lukovskaya, Genevra Igorevna. II. Dunaeva, Natalya Viktorovna. Power (collection). 2. Judicial reform of 1864 (collection). 3. Judicial system - History - Russia - Collections. 4. Judicial reform - Russia - 1864 - Collections.
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