Family law

Ivashin, Denis Igorevich    
Family law: a textbook for students of higher education institutions studying in specialty 030501 "Jurisprudence"; on the scientific specialty 12.00.03 "Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law, International Private Law" / DI Ivashin, II Kubar, SS Zhelonkin. - Moscow: UNITY-DANA: Law and Law, 2012. - 167 p. ; 21 cm. - (Short course). -
The authors do not mention the cover.
Bibliography: p. 163-165. - ISBN 978-5-238-01846-1 .
I. Kubar, Igor Igorevich. II. Zhelonkin, Sergey Sergeevich. Right (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Family relations - Legal regulation - Russian Federation - Training aids. 4. Family law - Teaching aids.
ББК 67.404.5я73-2
Source of the electronic copy: National Library Resource
ISBN 978-5-238-01846-1
Publisher ЮНИТИ-ДАНА Закон и право
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