Simferopol. Freedom Monument

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Electronic reproduction of the postcard: Simferopol. Freedom Monument [Izomaterial]. Photo. Pr.-K. T-va "Artel of phototypes" [between 1917 and 1941]. 1 card: phototype. No. 6. Glavlit No. A-77064. 5 kopecks. Shooting range. 3000. Location: Children's Memorial Museum, St. Petersburg.
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Unsaved monument in the city garden. It was erected on the pedestal of the monument to Catherine II, which was opened in 1890 (sculptor NA Laveretsky). From different sides of the monument to Catherine the figures of G.A. Potemkin-Tavrichesky, V.M. Dolgorukova, A.V. Suvorova, Ya.I. Bulgakov. Demolished in 1920, on its pedestal in 1921 a monument "Liberation of the Crimea as a stage of struggle for the triumph of the world proletariat" ("Freedom Monument") was opened. The monument was a proletarian, breaking a chain with a hammer on the globe. The busts of Yekaterinburg's associates were replaced by the busts of Lenin, Marx and Engels. In 1940 the monument was dismantled. In his place, according to the project of the sculptor M. Manizer, a new pedestal and a monument to Lenin appeared. During the occupation of the city, the fascists destroyed the statue of Lenin, in 1944 a small statue of Vladimir Ilyich was installed on an empty pedestal. But since it did not fit well with the pedestal, and the new monument to Lenin-Stalin soon appeared in the city hall, the figure was removed, the pedestal was demolished. Fountain was built on the site of the former monuments. - The materials of the Internet project "Simferopol yesterday and today" are used. Article "City garden and monuments in the Soviet era". (compiled by: AV Belov) ( .
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Original storage: Children's postcard museum
Publisher Фотот. Пр.-К. Т-ва "Артель фототипов"
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