Glory be to us, death to enemies

Glory to us, death to the enemies [Film: electronic resource]: [silent art film] / director: E. Bauer; operator: B. Zavelev; music: FB; in the roles: I. Mozzhukhin, D. Chitorina; Acc. A. Khanzhonkov Island. - Electronic data (1 video file). - (, [20--]). -
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The title from the title frame.
Duration: 20 min 56 sec. Black and white, mute, with titles.
The premiere took place on November 1, 1914.
The captions were restored by V.Mylnikova and Yu. Tsivyan in 1989.
Original resource: Glory to us, death to the enemies [Film]: [silent film] / director: E. Bauer; operator: B. Zavelev; music: FB; in the roles: I. Mozzhukhin, D. Chitorina; Acc. A. Khanzhonkov Island. [Moscow], 1914. 1120 m. Ch.-b., mute. From the collection of Gosfilmofond of Russia.
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In the frame: Sister of Mercy. Captions: "1. Olga's life was very light. " In the frame: a secular life in one of the estates: the celebration of the name day of Olga's mother, fireworks, Olga with a young officer, a joint walk on horses in the park. Captions: "2. Engagement". In the frame: celebrating the engagement. Captions: "3. War". In the picture: on the street the boys are offered to buy newspapers. A young officer hurries to Olga. Fees and send-offs to the front. Olga is alone in the estate, she sees wounded and sisters of mercy. Captions: "4. A new misfortune struck Olga. " In the frame: Olga's ill mother. Olga works as a nurse in the hospital. She dreams that her lover is wounded at the front. The wounded are brought on stretchers, among them Olga's lover. Meeting young people. Soon the young man dies. Captions: "6. "Lord, give me strength to take revenge! ..". In the frame: Russian military headquarters. Olga talks to the officer. Captions: "7. "Mister Colonel!" Tell me to send me to the reconnaissance ... ". In the frame: Officers laugh, Olga begging on her knees. Captions: "8. "There is only one left ...". In the frame: Olga sneaks behind the guards in the forest. Caption: "9. In the enemy's hospital. " In the frame: Olga works as a nurse of mercy in a German hospital. One of the wounded falls in love with her and tells of the instructions to deliver the package of the German command. Captions: "10. "I'm begging you for a date." In the frame: A soldier persuades Olga about a date, she agrees. Meeting in the forest. Olga injures the soldier and takes possession of the package. He changes into his uniform and jumps on a horse past the German sentinels. The sentinels discover a wounded soldier who tells them everything. The sentinels gallop after Olga in pursuit. Olga falls from the horse, it is found by Russian soldiers. Olga is brought to the Russian military headquarters, where she gives the colonel a package. The officer opens and reads the package, thanks Olga and kisses her hand. In the air - airplanes, missiles are fired, bombardment of houses. Colonel awards Olga with a medal .
I. Bauer, Yevgeny Frantsevich (film director, 1865-1917). II. Zavelev, Boris (cameraman, 1876-1938). III. Mozzhukhin, Ivan Ilyich (1889-1939, actor). IV. Chitorina, Dora Lvovna (actress). V. "A. Khanzhonkov and Co.," Joint-Stock Company (Moscow). VI. Gosfilmofond of Russia. The people (the collection). 2. The First World War (collection). 3. The First World War - Reflection - Cinema - 1914-1918. 4. Feature films - Russia - early. 20 in ..
ББК 63.3 (2) 534-68
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The source of the electronic copy: Gosfilmofond of Russia
Location on the original: Gosfilmofond of Russia
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