Dictionary in six languages: Russian, Greek, Latin, French, German and English

Poletika, Grigory Andreevich (about 1725 - 1784).    
The dictionary is in six languages: Russian, Greek, Latin, French, German and English: Published in favor of a growing Russian youth. - In St. Petersburg: under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1763. - [4], 247, [1] p. ; 8. -
The author is not listed in the text.
The Academic Bookstore has not been published, probably published on the author's account.
The circulation of 3862 copies.
The "Dictionary" is based on the book: Nomenclator classicus, sive Dictionariolum trilingue, secundum locos communes, nominibus usitatioribus anglicis, latinis, graecis ... 3 ed. / J.Ray (London, 1696). GA Poletikoy added translation in Russian, German and French.
A copy of GPIB without a cover .
I. Ray, John (1627-1705). II. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg) .1. Russian language (collection). 2. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - English. 3. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - German. 4. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - Latin language. 5. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - Greek. 6. Russian language - Historical dictionaries - French.
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Publisher при Императорской Академии наук
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