Treasures of the Sarmatians

Treasures of the Sarmatians: a popular science film / aut .: Mikhail and Elena Chumak; text read by Vladimir Mashkin, Nauk. consultants: AA Gorbenko, SI Lukyashko and others. - Multimedia electronic publication. - [Moscow]: Atlas-Media studio, 2008. - 1 video (41 min 25 s): sound, color. -
Ver. with the title. screen.
It comes out within the framework of the Russian open humanitarian project of popular science film Atlas of Culture.
The film shows the culture of the ancient nomadic people - the Sarmatians. The basis of the film is a story about the collection of Sarmatian gold from the Azov Historical-Archeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve. The advisers and participants of the film were leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences .
I. Chumak, Mikhail. II. Chumak, Elena. III. Mashkin, Vladimir. IV. Gorbenko, A.A. V. V. Lukyashko, S.I. .. VI. "Atlas-Media", a film studio (Moscow). VII. "Atlas of Culture", the Russian open humanitarian project of popular science films. 1. The people (the collection). 2. Sarmatians - Multimedia publications. 3. Historical documentaries.
ББК 63.3 (2) 2-9я04
Source of electronic copy: From private collection
Location on original map: From private collection
Publisher киностудия "Атлас-Медиа"
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