Socialist legality. 1934, No. 1 (January)

Socialist legality: the organ of the USSR Prosecutor's Office. - Moscow: Soviet Legislation, 1934-1991
1934, No. 1 (January). - 1934. - 39 p. -
Contents: XVII Congress of the Party and the tasks of the Prosecutor's Office. For the high quality of our work / A. Ya. Vyshinsky. Treaty campaign of 1934 and the tasks of the Prosecutor's Office / B. Borisov. From the practice of mass-political work of the Prosecutor's Office and the court / N. Lagovier. The struggle for discipline is the main task of the Prosecutor's Office in transport / G. Segal. Reeducation of criminals on the experience of the White Sea-Baltic canal construction. More attention to complaints / Briskin, Nelidov. For improving the quality of our work / A. Shlyaposhnikov. To improve the quality of the investigation / S. Orlovsky. Competition for the best investigator and the best investigating body in the UVO / Perfiliev and other materials .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Right - USSR - Periodicals. 4. Prosecutor's Office - USSR - Periodicals. 5. Departmental magazines - the USSR. 6. Legal journals - the USSR.
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