Socialist legality. 1934, No. 8 (August)

Socialist legality: the organ of the USSR Prosecutor's Office. - Moscow: Soviet Legislation, 1934-1991
1934, No. 8 (August). - 1934. - 34, [2] p. -
Contents: Prosecutor's Office in the fight against wreckage / AM Lipkin. Work of the bodies of justice in the Transcaucasian republics / S. Orlovsky. Accidents on motor transport / Bomash. Prosecutor's supervision of compulsory salary insurance / N. Volkhov. The Role of Forensic Accounting in the Struggle for the Protection of Socialist Property / S. Golunsky. Strengthen the fight against the violation of the rights of families of servicemen / G. Govorkov. About groups of assistance to the prosecutor's office / L.Ya. Nazarov. On the supervision of the legality of decisions of local executive committees and councils / A. Pyatakov. All-Union Statistical Meeting / ZV and other materials .
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