The simplified spelling guide

Georgievsky, Alexander Petrovich (1888-).    
Reference simplified spelling: With app. Art. to lead. rules, times. The history of the issue features a new spelling and method. instructions for its implementation: A guide for the lower. medium. shk. and self-education / A. Georgievsky and Anat. Mashkin. - Kazan: The Bookman, 1917. - 32 p. ; 21. -
Bibliography: "The Literature of the Question" (p. 29) .
I. Mashkin, Anatoly Pavlovich (1883 -). 1. Russian language (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Reform of Russian spelling - 1918. 4. Russian language - Spelling - Educational publications for high school. 5. Russian language - Spelling - Educational publications for self-education.
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