Tariff for the border Orenburg and Troitsk fortress customs

      Russia. The Empress (1762-1796, Catherine II).
Tariff for the border Orenburg and Troitsk fortress customs: [on the original signed by Her Imperial Majesty's own hand taco: To be by this] / [Genuine signed: Earl Ernst Minich, Grigory Teplov, Earl Alexander Vorontsov, Prince Michael Shcherbatovo, Timothy von Klingshtet]. - [St. Petersburg]: printed under the Senate, 1777. - 68 p. ; 4 .
I. Minich, Johann Ernst (1707-1788). II. Vorontsov, Alexander Romanovich (1741-1805). III. Shcherbatov, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1733-1790). IV. Catherine II (Empress of Russia, 1729-1796). 1. Development of foreign trade in Russia: history and current status (collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Customs tariffs - Russia. 5. Orenburg Customs District.
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