Tiflis. Metekhi Castle. 1837


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Lermontov, Mikhail Yurievich (1814-1841).    
Tiflis. Metekhi Castle. 1837 [Izomaterial: electronic resource]. - Electronic data (1 file: 1.6 MB). - (St. Petersburg: Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, 2014). -
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Electronic reproduction from the book: Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov. 1814-1841: paintings and drawings of the poet, illustrations to his works [Album / compiler and author of the introductory article EA Kovalevskaya. - Leningrad: Soviet artist, 1964]. 126 s. : ill. ; 30 cm.
Reproduction of M. Lermontov's drawing "Tiflis Metekhi Castle". 1837. Paper, pencil.
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M. Yu. Lermontov served in the regiment, which was located near Tiflis. This ancient city was also captured by the poet in the drawing. Metekhi Castle, erected in the 5th century, is an ancient citadel and the seat of Georgian kings. Repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. From 1934 to 1942 in the former castle housed the State Art Museum of the Georgian SSR. In 1959 Metekhi Castle was demolished .
I. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg) .1. Lermontov, Mikhail Yurievich (1814 - 1841). Painting. 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. M. Yu. Lermontov: to the 200th anniversary of his birth (collection). 5. Metekhi Castle (Tbilisi, city, Georgia).
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Original book: РГПУ им. A. I. Herzen
Издательство Советский художник
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