Charter (Basic Law) of the Omsk Region

    The Omsk Region. Laws.
Charter (Basic Law) of the Omsk Region. - Omsk, 1995. - 28 sheets. -
At the end of the text the signature: Head of Administration (Governor) of the Omsk Region LK Polezhaev.
Place and date of signing: December 26, 1995, Omsk.
Electronic version of the right act (28 files, 300 dpi, JPEG, 22.8 MB).
Published on the website of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region.
Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region, site.
I. Polezhaev, Leonid Konstantinovich (1940-). II. Omsk Region (1995) .1. Charter. 2001. The Omsk Region. 2. Power (collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. Omsk region: pages of history (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: Omsk Region (collection). 6. Constitution - Basic Law. The Constitution of the Subjects of the Russian Federation (collection). 7. Constitution - Basic Law (collection). 8. Chronicle of the formation of the institution of presidential power in the Russian Federation (collection). 9. Constitutional law - Russian Federation - Legislative materials. 10. Omsk region - Legal status - Legislative materials.
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Source of the electronic copy: Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region. Website
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